Best Blockchain Videos for Beginners

Best videos for Blockchain and BitcoinBelow is a list of the Best Blockchain Videos for learning the basics of Blockchain technology. These Videos are a great and efficient way to quickly get up to speed on Blockchain

These recommendations is based on the information and quality of the explanations in the videos. These are not auto generated based on popularity or visitor count.

Blockchain videos

1. What is Blockchain? – Wold Economic Forum

A basic explanation of Blockchain, its potential and dangers. This is a good video to get an understanding the very basics

2. Understand the Blockchain in 2 minutes – Institute for the Future (IFTF)

A very pedagogical explanation of the Blockchain technology. The video is easy to understand and uses great analogies that helps complete beginners to grasp the concept

3. The Blockchain Technology Explained – The real value of blockchains and crypto currency technology – Blockchain of Things

Another simple explanation of Blockchain and crypto currencies. The video explains the basics of the technology and presents some of the benefits that can come from the technology

4. How Bitcoin works under the hood – CuriousInventor

A fairly long and technical description on how Bitcoin works. Bitcoin is currently the main application of Blockchain technology and this Video is great to learn the basics of the technology

Living list of Best Blockchain Videos

This list of the Best Blockchain Videos will be continuously updated with more great resources. Do you know a video hat should be on this list? Do not hesitate to leave a comment below

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