Top Blockchain Websites for Beginners

Top Blockchain Websites for beginnersBelow is a list of the Top Blockchain Websites for learning the basics of Blockchain technology. In these websites you can typically find the basic information as well as more advanced topics and statistics regarding Bitcoin and Blockchain.

These recommendations is based on the information and quality of the explanations in the articles/websites. These are not auto generated based on popularity or visitor count.

The Basics

1. Bitcoin explanation for five year olds Р

A good explanation on Bitcoin that to date is the main application for blockchain technology. The article describes the concept of blockchain in a very simple way. CoinDesk is a great site with news and articles regarding bitcoin and other crypto currencies

2. All you need to know about blockchain, explained simply – World Economic Forum

A well written article on Blockchain with video and graphics to help them explain. The article is short so it only aims to explain the very basic concepts and applications for Blockchain

3. WTF is The Blockchain? A guide for total beginners –

Another well written article that explains the very basic concepts of the blockchain technology

Why is Blockchain interesting?

1. How Blockchain Technology can benefit many industries beyond finance Р

An article that describes many potential areas where Blockchain technology can be used. The Financial industry is where the impact is expected to be the most apparet, but there are many other industries that might be affected

Living list of Top Blockchain Websites for Beginners

This list of Top Blockchain Websites will be continuously updated with more great online-resources. Do you know a site or article that should be on this list? Do not hesitate to leave a comment below

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